addition ultra®


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  • Cast Separator 2.0

    Cast Separator 2.0

    For an effective isolation of cast forms.

  • Cast Separator PU

    Cast Separator PU

    For an effective isolation of cast forms.

  • Freeprint® cast 2.0

    Freeprint® cast 2.0

    for generative manufacturing of cast forms (=> fabrication of silicone earmoulds).

  • Freeprint® mould

    Freeprint® mould

    for generative manufacturing of hard earmoulds & hearing protection.

  • Freeprint® shell

    Freeprint® shell

    for generative manufacturing of hard ITE shells.

  • Grinding tool

    Grinding tool

    for the final finishing, suitable for all kinds of silicone materials (smoothing and removing of uneven spots).

  • Impression lacquer

    Impression lacquer

    for universal finish of all silicone ear impressions (A + C-silicones). Smoothing, coating and sealing.

  • Impression pads secure

    Impression pads secure

    made of flexible foam with safety thread. New in contrast colour: the blue pads with significantly improved visibility for visual control ensure a reliable fitting and optimum sealing of the auditory canal.

  • Impression pads vent

    Impression pads vent

    Made of flexible foam with ventilation tube.

  • Luxaprint® 3D cast 2.0

    Luxaprint® 3D cast 2.0

    for generative manufacturing of cast forms (=> fabrication of silicone earmoulds).

  • Measuring Scoops C-silicones

    Measuring Scoops C-silicones

    for efficient and precise removal of silicone impression materials. 

  • Mixing pad / Impression syringe

    Mixing pad / Impression syringe

    30 sheets, with scaling, in two sizes, sheets separable. Medical device Cl. I

  • Raptor X

    Raptor X

    for working silicone, for quick and effective processing in the lab. Strong removal, no smearing effect, extremely durable.

  • acrylon® automix

    acrylon® automix

    resin for the indirect production of hard acrylic earmoulds in the lab. Self curing (no light or heat required).

  • addition Junior DIC

    addition Junior DIC

    For entirely pressure-free impression taking. Particularly for children and DIC adaptions (deep impressions).

  • addition futur

    addition futur

    of the next generation, with innovative filler matrix and excellent cost/performance ratio.

  • addition mini Junior

    addition mini Junior

    (also suitable for small/narrow auditory canals). New: low viscous, smooth consistency. No pressure build-up, no displacement of soft tissue.

  • addition omega®

    addition omega®

    High initial consistency, but easy to extrude, low extrusion strength.

  • addition protect XPress

    addition protect XPress

    particularly for the adaption of noise protection. Ultimate precision, great cost/performance ratio. Extra short setting time and minimized physical effort due to reduced extrusion pressure.

  • addition spectra

    addition spectra

    light, softcreamy consistency. Completely pressureless impression taking, with ultimative precise detail reproduction. 

  • addition supra®

    addition supra®

    Particularly for CIC adaptions, narrow auditory canals, e.g. for children or pain sensitive patients. 

  • addition ultra®

    addition ultra®

    premium quality, soft-smooth initial consistency, thixotropic, does not drip. Excellent detail reproduction, tensile resistant with high elastic recovery.

  • aquaplus®


    in double cartridges, for the fabrication of swim plugs in the lab. Also suitable for direct fitting.

  • aquaplus® colormix

    aquaplus® colormix

    in double cartridges, for the fabrication of multicoloured swim plugs in the lab, or directly.

  • bioflex


    For indirect fabrication of hearing and splash water protection.

  • bioplast 40 & 60 Shore

    bioplast 40 & 60 Shore

    for the fabrication of soft-flexible BTE earmoulds and protectors, multipurpose use. Highest wearing comfort.

  • cat futur

    cat futur

    for C-silicones like classic futur. Blue coloured for exact measuring and mixing control. 

  • classic futur

    classic futur

    smooth, non-sticky initial consistency. Slight pressure build up. Excellent detail reproduction, with reduced shrinkage.

  • detax addition

    detax addition

    premium quality, smooth initial consistency, 

  • detax flextime ®

    detax flextime ®

    thermocontrolled vulcanisation characteristics, time in the ear: max. 2:30 minutes, lasting dimensional stability. 

  • detax handy

    detax handy

    glass fiber reinforced, for screwing into silicone based noise and water protection earmoulds, with handy loop for connection to otoplastics by tubes or cords. 

  • detax softwear® 2.0

    detax softwear® 2.0

    for indirect fabrication of soft BTE moulds & protectors, particularly for 3D cast technique.

  • dip coat

    dip coat

    for silicone ear impressions and earmoulds, no annoying skin formation in the dipping bath, efficient use in the lab.

  • directmold


    for direct fitting of individual hearing protection

  • duglasil® / duglasil® express

    duglasil® / duglasil® express

    for the fabrication of highly transparent negative forms, especially suitable for UV-curing, transparent for UVA-light.

  • durosil®


    for the fabrication of negative forms, lasting dimensional stability.

  • earflex ® rainbow

    earflex ® rainbow

    Product features as earflex® clear/rose.

  • earflex® clear / rose

    earflex® clear / rose

    for the fabrication of soft BTE earmoulds & protectors. Easy processing, tear resistant, permanently elastic.

  • easy


    for continuous injection of silicone impression materials, multipurpose use, application opening 3.5 mm, external diameter 6 mm. 

  • easy2


    extended nozzle – smaller application opening (2.5 mm) for CIC adaptions, narrow auditory canals, children. 

  • express coat

    express coat

    transparent, for all silicone based earmolds and ear impressions, air-drying.

  • frosty coat

    frosty coat

    For silicone earmoulds, transparent.

  • green eco

    green eco

    High elastic recovery due to an innovative polymer, exceptional tear strength, lasting dimensional stability.

  • grip tool

    grip tool

    for the fabrication of grips/handles for all otoplastics made from silicone (e.g. noise and water plugs).

  • luxaprint® 3D mould

    luxaprint® 3D mould

    for generative manufacturing of hard earmoulds and hearing protection. 

  • luxaprint® 3D shell

    luxaprint® 3D shell

    for generative manufacturing of hard ITE shells. 

  • luxaprint® SL 2.0 (355 nm)

    luxaprint® SL 2.0 (355 nm)

    For generative fabrication of hard earmoulds, ITE shells on the basis of stereolithography process (SLA, laser 355 nm, e.g. Viper system si2).

  • luxaprint® shellac

    luxaprint® shellac

    for permanent surface sealing of generative manufactured earmoulds made of (meth)acrylate.

  • luxaprint® shellac color

    luxaprint® shellac color

    for coloured sealing of generative manufactured earmoulds made of (meth)acrylate.

  • luxaprint® shellac skin tones

    luxaprint® shellac skin tones

    For generatively manufactured earmoulds.

  • measuring scoops for A-silicones

    measuring scoops for A-silicones

    for efficient and precise removal of silicone impression materials, durable plastic, no bending. 

  • medicalprint® clear & opaque

    medicalprint® clear & opaque

    For manufacturing of 3D printed medical appliances

  • microporlack


    for smoothing and sealing of silicone based earmoulds and ear impressions.

  • optima


    disposable, for standard cartridges, with optimized geometry, for outstanding mixing results.

  • otopen


    Special pencil for easy writing on silicones and silicone based surfaces (e.g. earmoulds), does not smear. 

  • pink mix

    pink mix

    Thixotropic, does not drip from the ear. Fast set, easy to remove, with visual level control.

  • pink putty

    pink putty

    soft creamy initial consistency, easy mixing and removal, fast set.

  • preclean


    guarantees an easy removal of every ear impression or for creation of cold curing silicone based noise and water protection.

  • protect mould

    protect mould

    for direct fitting of swimming plugs & hearing protection, also suitable for indirect method.

  • smartbox "clean & dry"

    smartbox "clean & dry"

    with separate sections and snap closure cap.

  • smartclean® foam

    smartclean® foam

    for quick and intensive cleaning of BTE earmoulds. 

  • smartclean® pen

    smartclean® pen

    Cleaning pen especially for hearing aids.

  • smartclean® tabs

    smartclean® tabs

    with active oxygen for hygienic deep-action cleaning of earmoulds.

  • smartclean® wipe

    smartclean® wipe

    for hearing aids and earmoulds with antimicrobial formulation.

  • softwear coat

    softwear coat

    for smoothing & equalizing the surface of otoplastics made from silicone (reproduced layer structures due to the digital manufacturing process, surface roughness e.g.). 

  • super coat

    super coat

    with silver particles for silicone based earmoulds and otoplastics. Lasting protection against bacteria, suitable for all kinds of silicones, air-drying, excellent adhesion. 

  • vario mix

    vario mix

    for standard cartridges, Automix1 and Automix2 (S50) cartridge systems. Only one dispensing device for all mixing ratios (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1)!


Welcome at DETAX online – Your specialists for medical material.

For over 60 years, we have been developing silicones and light-curing resins for dental and other medical applications. The polymer chemistry of materials is our universe.

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Detax. As a brand, this name stands for high-quality medical devices. For over 60 years, we have been developing silicones and light-curing resins for dental and other medical applications. The polymer chemistry of materials is our universe. Our enthusiasm and innovative strength is ingrained in every one of the products that you will become familiar on this Website.

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We develop hydrophilic impression making silicones for every indication (corrective and double mix technology, kneadable working impression making for functioning rim design, sandwich technology, monophase impression making). Precision impression making materials of lightly flowing consistency with ideal flow characteristics, maximum wetting power, and elastic resilience. Regular set, fast set or super fast set with thermoactive setting characteristics and a defined snap set, kneadable putty, color violet with wildberry flavor. Ear impression making silicones in 50 ml double cartridges specially for IO/CIC changes with lightly flowing starting consistency, even for narrow auditory canals or patients with chronic pain. Ear impression making silicones for children and young people (paediatrics), pressure-less impression, no ingress of soft tissue. Ear impression making material for hearing-protection adjustments, low squeezing pressure, stable, does not run out of the ear, short time in the ear, skin friendly, non adhesive. Highly elastic resilience, easy to remove, 35 Shore A monophase impression making silicone in medium tray consistency. Harmonized consistencies of tray and corrective material. Transfer silicones, quick-setting and clearly transparent A-silicone base bite registration material, medium flow, thixotropic, to be applied directly on the row of teeth, no flowing away into interdental chambers, X-ray transparent matrix material, crystal clear, final hardness 80 Shore A, for light hardening of composites. Scannable VPS bite registration material for the powder-free 3D data acquisition for all CAD/CAM/CIM processes (stripe light projection, laser triangulation and CEREC), 32 Shore D, short time spent in the mouth. Permanently plasticizing relining silicones, direct relining in the dental practice chairside or for processing in the dental laboratory. Broad indication spectrum (obturators and mouth guards) with plaque inhibitors, clinically tested and scientifically documented. Secure bond to prosthetic acrylate. Additional crosslinking duplicating silicones and laboratory plasticines 85 Shore A for precasts, control bites, fixing of artificial teeth, models for prosthetic repairs. Permanently elastic otoplastic silicone, buoyant, direct fitting of water plugs and ear canal plastics, for the indirect manufacture of soft HdO and protective plastics, for PNP, 3D cast technology, permanently keeps its color. Even with extended processing time for series manufacture in the obtoplastics laboratory. Air-drying silicone paint for water plug plastics antibacterial with silver particles. Bis-acrylic composite 10.1 for temporary crowns, bridges and long-term temporaries with elastic phase and maximum and flexural and abrasion resistances, low polymerization temperature, translucent colors: A1, A2, A3, A3,5. Composite-based fissure sealant with wet bonding technology. Protective lacquer for exposed root dentine with high degree of cross-linking based on multifunctional (meth)acrylate has a desensitizing effect, forms a barrier against erosion, thereby reducing cervical sensitivity. Transparent fluoride varnish with amino-fluoride, mouth wash. Flexible gum masks for dental master and saw models, dimensionally stable, for a naturally aesthetic gingival look in tubes or cartridges. Dental cements for definitive and semi-permanent implantation, fasteners, long-term temporary fixing cements, plastic-based radio-opaque, cementation of supra-constructions, dual hardener system. Ready-to-use modeling resin, as a gel or paste, MMA-free, combustible without resins, no polymerization shrinkage. Gum epithesis material, hot curing. Kneable UV plastics for manufacturing biocompatible splints & templates. Plastics for 3D print systems: dentistry models, casting objects, IIa-class clear transparent resins for biocompatible implant templates and splints, KFO (DIN) base parts, long-term temporary K&B composite and supplies in total prosthodontics

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