The best way to do good is to be good!

We believe that it is vital that corporations, even small and medium-sized companies, behave in an ethically and socially responsible manner. This forms the foundation of sustainable corporate management that is driven by values. We are committed to a number of selected children’s charities and turn to our employees, customers, and partners for additional support. We also support privately organized aid campaigns for children in developing countries with donations of money and goods.

Our other activities

Support for private projects and sector-specific aid campaigns such as “Dentists for India” and “Hearing AidCustomization in Nepal”. We provide donations of materials and help aid workers to manage the administrative formalities such as shipping processes.

Kinderhilfsprojekt Galle Sri Lanka e.V.

Due to alcohol and drug problems, unemployment and poverty, many families in Sri Lanka live in unimaginable misery. Particularly young girls suffer the most. Sent out for begging in the streets by their parents, they try to survive. They are defenseless exposed to sexual abuse. Most of them are unable to read and write. The orphanage Galle offers girls shelter, school and professional education for an independent and secured future. Kinderhilfsprojekt Galle-Sri Lanka e.V.


Young women - Education - Future!

Life for girls in the slums of India's megacities and remote villages is alarming, with their childhood shaped by poverty, heavy labor, and exploitation. Selective abortion and killing of female infants shortly after birth and sexual abuse are the norm. Only good education enables society to transform so that girls are no longer exploited and suppressed.


On a number of occasions, we have provided ClaSH , the Association for Children with Language, Speech, and Hearing Impairments of Namibia, with donations of goods (ear mold materials, accessories) or campaigns—for example, test packages for the new pediatric mold material addition mini Junior was supplied for a nominal fee with all proceeds going to CLaSH.


Families with a seriously ill child with a reduced life expectancy have to cope with extreme stress. They are under pressure day and night, sometimes over many years. The illness changes not only the life of the child but also that of the entire family. Voluntary support persons from thechildren’s hospice “Die Pusteblume” support families like this.


About 1800 children develop cancer each year in Germany. A diagnosis of cancer, however, covers a diverse range of diseases. The German Children's Cancer Foundation is dedicated to patient groups whose treatment is particularly problematic. We support patient-oriented clinical research projects that aim to develop new treatment approaches.


Worldwide, there are 65 million girls who do not attend school because they are married young, work to support their families, or have to help at home. They have practically no opportunity to receive an education. With the UNICEF campaign “School for Girls”, places are provided for girls in schools in the poorest countries in the world.


Match children out of the factories: The Virudunagar region in India is known for its match and chemical factories. Thousands of children work here doing piecework that barely keeps their families alive. Without an education, these children are trapped in a vicious cycle. Together with the children’s emergency fund, 10 villages are looking for way to break this cycle because school is the best place for children.


Relief aid donations to UNICEF: In developing countries, about two million children die each year from pneumonia alone. Rapid treatment with an effective broad spectrum antibiotic helps in most cases. We have donated 100,000 units of antibiotics.

Schwestern Maria

We support “Die Schwestern Maria”, a registered foundation helping children from slums. The Sisters of Mary help displaced slum children in overpopulated megacities. They support hospitals, homes, schools, and training workshops in countries such as the Philippines, Korea, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, and Honduras.


The extent of the natural disaster in northern Pakistan in 2005 was completely underestimated in the shadow of the 2004 tsunami. For ten thousand children, it was a matter of sheer survival. As part of the campaign “Get the children safely through the winter!”, UNICEFcalled for donations. We immediately decided to forgo our usual Christmas gifts and responded to the appeal. Many of our employees, relatives, and company friends joined in.

Stiftung Hänsel + Gretel

The Hänsel + Gretel Foundation raises awareness of children’s needs in Germany. Their programs aim to teach adults to think and act with greater awareness of children’s needs. So that children are not lost, the foundation has initiated and supported more than 400 projects since 1997 to improve the lives of children.

pro familia

pro familia, a non-denominational association with programs for family planning and marriage and pregnancy counseling services has been working in the interests of women, men, adolescents and children since 1952. In 170 counseling centers, people from all religions and nationalities receive specialist and human advice.



Thoughts at the turn of the year. Awaited every year with eager anticipation and always subject to controversial discussion.

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Aktion Restcent


Detax employees are donating part of their monthly salaries that comes after the decimal point and thus become involved in social projects (e.g. child sponsorship). Recommended for imitation!

Girls in Sri Lanka


Since 2005, the Chathura Children’s Home in Sri Lanka has been helping poor girls in need find a new home, giving them a chance for a brighter future.

Galle, Sri-Lanka

Kinder in Ostafrika


DETAX supports the private aid project organized by Heike Hörenberg for children with hearing problems in Eastern Africa.  learn more

Zahnärzte für Indien


The Association of German Dentists has made it its mission to provide dental care to children in need in orphanages and homes.
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Hearing Aids for Nepal


Nepal is a country not only of amazing landscapes but also of poverty and hardship.



Torsten Saile from Tuttlingen has dedicated himself to providing hearing aids for impoverished people in Romania. DETAX is donating direct impression material and accessories.  learn more


Welcome at DETAX online – Your specialists for medical material.

For more than 66 years, we have been developing silicones and light-curing resins for dental and other medical applications. The polymer chemistry of materials is our universe.

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BRAND PRODUCTS DENTAL: blue eco • blue eco scan® • Cavidex®   • Detaferm® • Detaseal® Adhesive rapid • Detaseal® antilock • Detaseal® bite • Detaseal® function • Detaseal® hydroflow • Detaseal® hydroflow heavy • Detaseal® hydroflow lite • Detaseal® hydroflow mono • Detaseal® hydroflow putty • Detaseal® hydroflow Xlite • Detaseal® soft2putty • Drala® • Drala® Phosphate Cement • easyform • exaplast • Fermin • Flexistone® • Gingivamoll® • glassbite • good morning spray • greenbite apple • greenbite colour • hydro C • Implant Mask • implantlink semi® • implantlink® semi Classic • implantlink® semi Forte • implantlink® semi Xray • Lustrol® • milkbite • Molloplast® B • mollosil® • mollosil® plus • monoprint supra • onetime perfect • Permaliner • pixelbite • silaplast • silaplast Futur • silasoft® • silasoft® direct • silasoft® Normal • silasoft® Special • sili Adhesive • silone® • smartfluorid® • smartfluorid® laquer • smartprotect® • smartprotect® soft· smartseal® cervi • smartrepair® • smartrepair® rosa • smartrepair® system • smartseal® & loc / F • smartseal® etch • sta-seal • sta-seal f • tempofill® • tempofill® 2 • tempofit® • tempofit® duomix • tempofit® finish • tempofit® premium 10:1 • tempofit® regular 1:1 • tempofit® semi 10:1 • tempolink® clear • tempolink® single • trayloc A

BRAND PRODUCTS AUDIO: acrylon® • acrylon® automix • addition futur • addition junior • addition mini • addition mini junior • addition protect • addition rapid • addition spectra • addition supra® • addition ultra® • aqua coat • aquaplus colormix • aquaplus® • bioflex • bioplast • cat futur • classic futur • detax addition • detax flextime® • dip coat • direct mold • duglasil® • duglasil® express • durosil® • durosil® • earflex® clear • earflex® rainbow • earflex® rose • express coat • frosty coat • green eco • microporlack • pink mix • pink putty • preclean • protect mold • smartcare® • smartclean® • smartclean® foam • smartclean® pen • smartclean® tabs • softwear coat • softwear® 2.0 • super coat

BRAND PRODUCTS 3D: Cast Separator 2.0 • Cast Seperator PU • Cast Seperator PU • freeprint® c&b • freeprint® cast • freeprint® cast • Freeprint® cast 2.0 • FREEPRINT® denture • FREEPRINT® gingival • FREEPRINT® IBT • freeprint® model • FREEPRINT® model • FREEPRINT® model 2.0 • FREEPRINT® model T • freeprint® mould • Freeprint® mould • freeprint® ortho • freeprint® shell • freeprint® splint • FREEPRINT® splint 2.0 • FREEPRINT® temp • FREEPRINT® tray • luxaprint® cast • luxaprint® cast 2.0 • luxaprint® flex • luxaprint® mould • luxaprint® shell • luxaprint® cocoon • luxaprint® flex coat • luxaprint® shellac • luxaprint® shellac color • luxaprint® shellac skin tones • medicalprint® mould • medicalprint® shell

Detax. As a brand, this name stands for high-quality medical devices. Since 1954, we have been developing silicones and light-curing resins for dental and other medical applications. The polymer chemistry of materials is our universe. Our enthusiasm and innovative strength is ingrained in every one of the products that you will become familiar on this Website.

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We develop hydrophilic impression making silicones for every indication (corrective and double mix technology, kneadable working impression making for functioning rim design, sandwich technology, monophase impression making). Precision impression making materials of lightly flowing consistency with ideal flow characteristics, maximum wetting power, and elastic resilience. Regular set, fast set or super fast set with thermoactive setting characteristics and a defined snap set, kneadable putty, color violet with wildberry flavor. Ear impression making silicones in 50 ml double cartridges specially for IO/CIC changes with lightly flowing starting consistency, even for narrow auditory canals or patients with chronic pain. Ear impression making silicones for children and young people (paediatrics), pressure-less impression, no ingress of soft tissue. Ear impression making material for hearing-protection adjustments, low squeezing pressure, stable, does not run out of the ear, short time in the ear, skin friendly, non adhesive. Highly elastic resilience, easy to remove, 35 Shore A monophase impression making silicone in medium tray consistency. Harmonized consistencies of tray and corrective material. Transfer silicones, quick-setting and clearly transparent A-silicone base bite registration material, medium flow, thixotropic, to be applied directly on the row of teeth, no flowing away into interdental chambers, X-ray transparent matrix material, crystal clear, final hardness 80 Shore A, for light hardening of composites. Scannable VPS bite registration material for the powder-free 3D data acquisition for all CAD/CAM/CIM processes (stripe light projection, laser triangulation and CEREC), 32 Shore D, short time spent in the mouth. Permanently plasticizing relining silicones, direct relining in the dental practice chairside or for processing in the dental laboratory. Broad indication spectrum (obturators and mouth guards) with plaque inhibitors, clinically tested and scientifically documented. Secure bond to prosthetic acrylate. Additional crosslinking duplicating silicones and laboratory plasticines 85 Shore A for precasts, control bites, fixing of artificial teeth, models for prosthetic repairs. Permanently elastic otoplastic silicone, buoyant, direct fitting of water plugs and ear canal plastics, for the indirect manufacture of soft HdO and protective plastics, for PNP, 3D cast technology, permanently keeps its color. Even with extended processing time for series manufacture in the obtoplastics laboratory. Air-drying silicone paint for water plug plastics antibacterial with silver particles. Bis-acrylic composite 10.1 for temporary crowns, bridges and long-term temporaries with elastic phase and maximum and flexural and abrasion resistances, low polymerization temperature, translucent colors: A1, A2, A3, A3,5. Composite-based fissure sealant with wet bonding technology. Protective lacquer for exposed root dentine with high degree of cross-linking based on multifunctional (meth)acrylate has a desensitizing effect, forms a barrier against erosion, thereby reducing cervical sensitivity. Transparent fluoride varnish with amino-fluoride, mouth wash. Flexible gum masks for dental master and saw models, dimensionally stable, for a naturally aesthetic gingival look in tubes or cartridges. Dental cements for definitive and semi-permanent implantation, fasteners, long-term temporary fixing cements, plastic-based radio-opaque, cementation of supra-constructions, dual hardener system. Ready-to-use modeling resin, as a gel or paste, MMA-free, combustible without resins, no polymerization shrinkage. Gum epithesis material, hot curing. Kneable UV plastics for manufacturing biocompatible splints & templates. Plastics for 3D print systems: dentistry models, casting objects, IIa-class clear transparent resins for biocompatible implant templates and splints, KFO (DIN) base parts, long-term temporary K&B composite and supplies in total prosthodontics

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